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Bathroom Hardware

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Accessorize Your Bathroom With Our Quality Bath Hardware

Are you thinking about changing the look and feel of your bathroom? The makeover doesn’t need to be extreme or expensive: in many cases,a new towel bar, paper holder, and robe hook set can transform your bathroom from everyday to elegant.

At Access Residential Hardware, we offer a premium line of bath hardware from manufacturers known for product excellence. Whether you’re looking for a gilded traditional look or robust Tuscany-style elegance, we have the accessories you need to transform your bathroom in a single afternoon!

What Is Bath Hardware?

Bath hardware includes a variety of fittings that make bathroom use more convenient. When they share a theme that compliments the rest of the layout, they contribute to the overall cohesion of the space. Access Hardware offers three different types of bathroom hardware that can enhance your bathroom's aesthetics and functionality.

  • Hooks: Bathroom hooks are ideal for holding your towel, bathrobe, or clothes when you’re enjoying a bath or shower. Single and double hook options are available, some of them backed by attractive rosettes.
  • Towel Bars and Rings: These fixtures hold your towels until you’re ready to use them, and can even be used to air-dry towels after use. Whether you go with a bar or a ring is entirely up to you!
  • Toilet Paper Holders: As the name implies, toilet paper holders hold your toilet paper roll. These holders include minimalist slide-on varieties as well as spring-loaded ones.

Bath Hardware Styles & Colors

Although it has a defined function, bath hardware also contributes to your bathroom’s overall interior design. As such, you can buy hardware pieces and sets in different colors and styles. At Access Residential Hardware, we have hooks, towel bars, towel rings, and paper holders in the following styles:

  • American Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Tuscany

We also offer bathroom hardware in the following finishes:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Flat black
  • Flat black steel
  • French antique
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Pewter
  • Polished chrome
  • Satin brass
  • Satin nickel
  • Satin steel
  • Unlacquered brass

Best Practices for Bath Hardware Selection and Installation

Generally speaking, the style of your home design will direct how you should select bath hardware. Bathroom décor should be cohesive, and selecting hardware/fixtures that match the style of your interior can result in a beautiful bathroom design that looks like it belongs in your home.

Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional Styles

Traditional bath hardware is always a top choice because it’s compatible with practically all home designs. If your home has a contemporary or transitional style, your bathroom can follow suit with hardware that reflects the elegant visuals and simple curved lines of this particular design movement. Older homes and those that observe a rustic theme can benefit from bolder bronze or wrought steel bathroom fittings that are both earthy and elaborate.

Placement Considerations


Hooks can be positioned wherever you need convenient access to a bathrobe, towel, or fresh set of clothes after showering. While the back of the door is a common choice, you can also place them on walls at least 70” above floor level, with multiple hooks having at least 9” between each one.

Towel Bars and Rings

Towel fittings like bars, racks, and rings should be placed near the sink and/or tub and shower. This way, they’re easier to access when these fixtures are being used. If you have more than one sink or vanity, install a towel ring or bar within reaching distance of each one.

Bars and racks work best on the longest wall in the bathroom while rings will fit more easily on shorter walls. Install rings at least 20” above countertop level and bars/racks between 42” and 48” above the floor.

Toilet Paper Holders

For wall-mounted toilet paper holders, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that you install them on a wall beside the toilet, at a height of 26” above the floor, so make sure you buy hardware that will fit in that location.

Can You Mix and Match Bath Hardware Styles?

Yes, and many homeowners do! While some interior designers recommend that you match your hardware finishes to permanent fixtures like shower heads and faucets (e.g. brass with brass), others suggest that a bit of contradiction can add interest to your bathroom.

For example, if you have a dark counter and cabinetry, a light and textured satin nickel or wrought steel provides an attractive contrast. Mixing brass paper holders, towel rings, and robe hooks with crystal or glass cabinet knobs can also make a statement or serve as a conversation piece. This design aesthetic is especially popular in vintage-inspired bathrooms, where elegance, not uniformity, is the goal.

Why Choose Access Residential For Bath Hardware?

At Access Residential Hardware, we only sell the finest-quality bath hardware from industry-leading designers and manufacturers like Emtek. We also stock a wide range of styles, from traditional brass and chrome to the rugged timelessness of bronze, steel, and Tuscany bronze. If you’re looking to upgrade the bathroom at your home or cottage, we encourage you to check out our collections.

If you have questions or need design recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask! Access Residential Hardware has been serving homeowners across the country for over 30 years. With our competitive pricing, free shipping, and dedication to best-in-class customer service, we’re always ready to support your home design needs.

Questions? Speak With A Bath Hardware Expert!

The right hardware can transform the way your bathroom looks and the way you and your guests interact with its features. A complimentary design and strategic placement are easy to create and the results are worth it.

If you have questions about the products available at Access Residential Hardware or would like some design recommendations for your next bathroom project, please fill out our online contact form.