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What Does Your Entry Set Say About You?

Create an Entryway That Speaks to Your Personal Style

Door hardware on your front door is the first thing someone sees when they enter your house. It can be functional, decorative or both - but what kind of message does your door hardware convey? This post will give you some ideas for how to make an entrance that speaks to your style!

Think about your door hardware as your home's jewelry. Without even stepping into your home, a stranger can make inferences on your personal style just by looking at your front door. The sharp edges paired with gentle curves of Emtek's Ares Entry Set contrasts the softer yet modern lines of Emtek's Baden Entry Set. Both are modern styles, but Ares creates a bolder, more commanding impression while Baden feels more subtle without losing an ounce of the modern image. The hardware you choose to adorn your front door with can create a welcoming country cottage experience, or make a guest feel that they're about to step into a 16th century art gallery. 

While you can mix and match design styles, if you prefer to match your entry set to the existing style of your home's exterior or front door, there are still countless variations of entry sets in every design style, with some leaning to the louder or more elaborate side of the scale and others creating a softer impression. You can make traditional styles lean rustic, or a contemporary door look more transitional. Perhaps you already have an ornate door; do you add to the extravagance with something like Emtek's Imperial Entry Set, or allow the door to take to take center stage with a quieter entry set, like Baldwin's Columbus Handleset? There are endless options; you can keep a simple door style uncomplicated with a similar hardware set, or dress up a plain entry door with a striking entry set.

Finally, the finish of your door hardware plays a major part in the overall experience as well. Contrasting finishes will ensure your door hardware is as eye catching as possible, while choosing a finish that is similar to the color of your door creates a softer look. Aside from the color of your finish, you'll likely need to decide if you want a flashy polished finish sure to reflect every glint of light, or the silky look of a satin finish that lets the design do all the talking. And don't forget- a doorbell, knocker, and even your house numbers can contribute to your design!

The entry set that welcomes you into your home says a lot about who you are and your pesonal style. Your front door is the first thing guests see when they enter and set the tone for your home. There are many different entry set designs out there for any style preference- from loud and bold to soft and simple. If yours needs an update or if you're starting with a new door, take this as a chance to define yourself in your own space!