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Lever or Knob?

Considerations for Choosing Your Door Hardware

                Knobs or Levers? There are many angles to examine when making the choice between knobs and levers for the doors in your home. You’ll want to consider if you have pets, if you frequently have your hands full, the style of your home and door, your physical health, etc. Let’s break it down to make the decision not only easier, but well informed.


             Knobs tend to come in more styles than levers, including some styles exclusive to knobs. Crystal and porcelain products, for example, are only available as knobs. Knobs tend to give off a more traditional feel than levers, though there are a few rustic and traditional style levers available. Another bonus? Most knobs do not knowing the door’s handing! 


                Knobs are also a great option if you have pets. Dogs are able to jump on a door and disengage the latch of a lever, and yes, cats can as well! As you can probably imagine, it is much more difficult for a pet to disengage the latch with a knob. That being said, if you have a service animal that needs to open doors, choose a lever.



                If you’ve ever had your hands full while trying to open a door, you can appreciate the simplicity of a lever that doesn’t require your grip to disengage that latch. A simple push down on the lever will disengage the latch, allowing you to keep a door closed between loads or avoid putting your things down to open the door.  


                The ease of opening is what also makes levers a great choice for anyone with a weak grip, arthritic hands, or a number of disabilities. With some even available with a 28 Degree Latch, levers only require a downward pressure to disengage the latch – no grip or squeeze required.


                In the end, the decision comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. With so many available styles and designs, there is certainly a knob or lever to meet your functional requirements without sacrificing your desired look.