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Bronze Door Knobs

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Make A Statement With Bronze Door Knobs From Access Residential Hardware

Choosing bronze hardware for your door allows you to choose from a wide range of looks to coordinate with and complement the rest of your home. Bronze finishes can range from a light silver color to rich chocolate brown to black, and often have a weathered look that adds character. Some bronze finishes are designed to maintain a consistent look over time, while oil-rubbed bronze is considered a living finish, which develops a two-toned look over time as it interacts with its environment. 

Bronze door knobs can give your home a unique, rustic, vintage look. At Access Residential Hardware, we offer high-quality bronze door knobs that are durable and designed to last. We offer beautiful bronze door knobs to fit any style at every price point. 

Privacy, Passage, And Dummy Door Knobs

When selecting any door knob, you’ll need to consider whether you need a privacy, passage, or dummy knob for your door. This will depend largely on the type of room the door leads to.

Privacy Door Knobs

Privacy door knobs are knobs with a locking mechanism on one side of the door. They may have a pinhole on the opposite side for unlocking in emergencies. Privacy door knobs are used for rooms where privacy is needed, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and sometimes home offices. 

Passage Door Knobs

Passage door knobs are used on doors to common areas where no privacy is needed. This may include living rooms, hallways, and closets. 

Dummy Door Knobs

Dummy door knobs are designed to look like regular door knobs, but they don’t latch and therefore don’t have a mechanism to turn. Full dummy door knobs include two knobs so there is one for each side of a swinging door, or so you have one to use on either side of a double door. Half dummy doors include only one knob and are ideal for closets. 

Bronze Door Knob Finishes And Styles

Bronze door knobs come in a variety of styles, and they come in an array of finishes that can vary greatly in color. Make sure you carefully check the color of the finish you select.

Bronze Door Knob Finishes We Offer

  • Dark Bronze

  • Flat Black Bronze

  • Medium Bronze

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Tumbled White Bronze

  • Venetian Bronze

  • White Bronze

Bronze Door Knob Styles We Offer

  • American Classic

  • American Designer

  • Arts And Crafts

  • Contemporary

  • Crystal And Porcelain

  • Rustic Living

  • Traditional

How To Measure Your Door When Replacing Door Knobs

When ordering a new door knob, there are a few measurements you need to be aware of before placing your order to ensure the correct fit when your doorknob arrives. These are backset, bore hole diameter, and door thickness.

  • Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the borehole where the door knob will be placed. Backset length is typically either 2 ⅜” or 2 ¾”. 

  • Bore hole diameter is measured by checking the diameter across the widest part of the bore hole where the door knob is placed.

  • Door thickness is measured by checking the distance between the front and back sides of the door. On interior doors, standard door thickness is 1 ⅜”. Many door knobs can accommodate thicker doors, but some may need an additional kit. 

Cleaning And Caring For Your Bronze Door Knobs

To maintain the look of your bronze door knobs, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives for cleaning. Instead, wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. For persistent spots or to disinfect, use diluted vinegar to clean. You may apply a light layer of wax after cleaning your door knobs to protect the finish. 

Why You Should Choose Access Residential Hardware For Bronze Door Knobs

At Access Residential Hardware, we partner with high-quality, trusted brands that craft durable, beautiful door hardware. When you shop with us, you can be sure that you will not only find styles that will perfectly match any design aesthetic but your door hardware will be well made and last for years to come. We keep our door knobs affordable by offering competitive prices and free shipping on all orders.

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