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Door Stops

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High-Quality Residential Door Stops

Door stops (sometimes referred to as door stoppers) are hard-working pieces of door hardware that keep your doors where you want them, or keep them from going where you don’t want them (like through your drywall, for instance). It’s important to make sure you purchase door stops that are high-quality and durable to protect your walls and doors for a lifetime.

At Access Residential Hardware, we partner with door hardware brands and manufacturers that provide door hardware and accessories that are not only strong but stylish and beautiful as well. We want to help you make even the smallest pieces of door hardware a part of your intentional design. 

What Is A Door Stop?

There may be some confusion about what a door stop actually is because the term “door stop” can be used to refer to several different devices with different functions. Door stops generally serve one of two purposes: either they hold a door open or prevent damage to walls and furniture by stopping the door before it opens too wide. 

Holding Doors Open

Door stops that are used to keep a door from closing can also be referred to as door holders, or in some cases, door fasteners. Door holders can be a completely separate accessory in the form of either a wedge or a heavy object that prevents the door from sliding closed. This type of door stop can also come in the form of a piece of hardware attached to the door. Some door stops utilize small hinged pieces of metal, usually capped with rubber, at the bottom of the door which can be kicked down to block the door from closing. Other door stops feature a hook or magnetic mechanism to hold the door against the wall behind it as a means of keeping the door open. 

Preventing Damage By Doors

The other function of door stops is to prevent the door from opening too wide, thus blocking it from slamming into walls or furniture when opened in order to prevent damage to walls, furniture, or the door itself. These door stops can also be called door bumpers, and they’re more commonly seen in residential spaces. Door bumpers often feature a rubber tip or dome to soften the impact of a swinging door, and can come in a variety of designs. Door bumpers can be mounted to the wall, floor, or baseboard behind the door so the door hits the bumper instead of the wall. Door bumpers can also attach to the hinge to limit the angle that the door can swing. 

Types Of Door Stoppers We Offer

We offer a variety of door stops to meet your needs no matter what kind of function you need your door stop to have. 

Wall And Baseboard Door Bumpers

A practical option for preventing your door from swinging too far and damaging the wall behind it is a wall bumper or a baseboard bumper. Wall bumpers are usually round and utilize a rubber dome to provide a soft landing for the doorknob. They need to be precisely placed where the doorknob would hit the wall since the doorknob protrudes from the door and will be the first thing to make contact. 

Baseboard bumpers, or base-mounted bumpers, are applied to the baseboard, as the name implies. They are usually made up of a sturdy metal spring or rod with a rubber tip. Baseboard bumpers should be applied to the baseboard at approximately the same vertical location as the doorknob to work best. 

Floor Mounted Door Stops

When you need your door to stop before it makes contact with the wall, a floor-mounted door stop can be a great alternative to wall and baseboard bumpers. Also called floor bumpers, floor-mounted door stops are screwed into the floor at whatever point you want to stop the swing of the door. Be mindful when placing these in high-traffic areas, as they can pose a tripping hazard. 

Hinge Mounted Door Stops

Hinge door stops, also called hinge mounted, hinge pin, or hinge pivot door stops, attach to the door hinges and prevent the door from opening further once it reaches a certain angle. Hinge door stops are usually made of a small metal piece with two rubber tips, one to protect the door, and one to protect the wall. Many designs are adjustable so that you can change the angle at which the door will stop. 

Magnetic Door Holders

Magnetic door holders utilize two small pieces, each containing a magnet. One side is attached to the door and the other is attached to the wall so that when the magnets are brought together, the door is held open. The magnet is strong enough to hold the weight of the door, while still being easily detachable when you’re ready to close the door. 

Choosing The Right Door Stop For Your Home

When selecting a door stop for your door, there are several factors to consider. Is the door stop for an interior or exterior door? We offer door stops that are suitable for interior and exterior doors, but available designs may be different. You’ll also want to consider what your main objective is for your door stop. Are you trying to hold your door open or prevent damage? If the latter, is there a particular surface that you’re trying to protect? 

You’ll also want to consider the size and weight of your door. For a standard-sized interior door that’s more lightweight, a small doorstop should do the trick. If you have a heavier door, however, you might need a larger door stop, or consider doubling up on hinge stops on both top and bottom hinges. 

Finally, before selecting a door stop, be sure to measure the space around your door to ensure you choose a door stop that will be effective. For example, If you want to go with a baseboard mounted door stop, measure the distance that the doorknob sticks out from the door, as well as any other hooks or accessories you have hanging on the door. If your doorknob is longer than the door stop, it won’t do much good. 

Styles And Finishes We Offer

While door stops might not be the flashiest door accessories, they don’t have to be an eye sore. We offer door stops in a variety of styles and finishes so that they can seamlessly blend in with your other door hardware to create a cohesive look. 

Styles We Offer

  • American Classic

  • Contemporary

Finishes We Offer

  • Flat Black

  • Flat Black Steel

  • French Antique

  • Matte Antique Nickel

  • Matte Brass & Black

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Pewter

  • Polished Brass

  • Polished Chrome

  • Polished Nickel

  • Satin Black

  • Satin Brass

  • Satin Nickel

  • Satin Steel

  • Unlacquered Brass

  • Venetian Bronze

Why Choose Access Residential Hardware For Door Stops?

At Access Residential Hardware, our mission is to provide you with high-quality, beautiful door hardware that’s built to last. We partner with leading door hardware brands to ensure that we provide you with only the best door hardware. We have over 30 years of experience working with homeowners, builders, and contractors, and our team of hardware experts is ready to assist you with any hardware needs. Plus, we offer the most competitive prices on the internet and free shipping on all orders. 

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