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Interior Door Hinges

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Door hinges may not be as visible as door handles and door knobs, but these crucial pieces of door hardware work hard in the background to ensure your door functions properly. The right hinges can also perfectly accent your door to enhance its visual appearance.

Access Residential Hardware offers a wide selection of door hinges for interior doors. You can learn more about the different types, styles, and finishes of interior door hinges we offer below. We also offer exterior door hinges, if you need hinges for your exterior doors.

Types Of Hinges

Access Residential Hardware offers three different types of interior door hinges. Each of the three hinge types is defined below.

  • Plain bearing: As the name implies, there isn’t anything entirely special about a plain bearing hinge. It works and functions exactly how you’d expect a hinge to function. Plain bearing hinges are standard hinges that you’re likely to find in most homes. There is no buffer between the knuckles of the hinge, which can wear the hinge down over time and lead to squeaking or creaking when a door is opened or closed
  • Ball bearing: Ball bearing hinges are an improvement on plain bearing hinges. Ball bearing hinges have ball bearings in-between the knuckles of the hinge, so that doors open smoother and quieter. You can find ball and plain bearing hinges at similar price points. We always recommend ball bearing hinges for high-traffic and solid core doors.
  • Spring: Spring hinges use springs to automatically send the hinge back to a closed state once the door handle is released. Spring hinges are commonly used for exterior doors like side doors and garage doors. Access Residential Hardware also sells spring hinges for interior doors. These hinges work well for rooms where you want the door to stay closed when not in use. Common uses include office doors or laundry rooms (where you might want to hide clothes and messes from guests).

Not sure which type of hinges you need? Our hardware specialists can help you determine the best type of hinges to meet your needs and style preferences.

Hinge Corner Radius

Our hinges are offered with different radiuses. Doors that require a square hinge are easy to identify. It can be harder to tell the difference between a ¼” radius and a ⅝” radius. You’ll want to make sure you select the right radius to match your doors or your old hinges.

  • Square: Square hinges have no rounded corners. All of the corners on the hinge are square.
  • ¼” Radius: The curve on a ¼” radius hinge actually conveniently matches the curve of a dime. If you can put a dime in the corner of your old hinge and it matches up perfectly, then you’ll need a ¼” radius replacement hinge.
  • ⅝” Radius: The curve of a ⅝” radius hinge matches the curve of a quarter. If you can put a quarter in the corner of your old hinge and the curves line up perfectly, then you’ll need a ⅝” radius replacement hinge.

You could get away with using a ¼” or ⅝” radius hinge on a door designed for square hinges, but it’s not going to look as good. It’s better to order the type of hinge your door is designed for, and Access Hardware carries a wide selection of each radius, so you can find the perfect hinges for your doors.

Selecting Hinge Material

Access Residential Hardware hinges are offered in three different materials: brass, steel, and stainless steel. Both brass and steel are strong materials and will last a long time. Steel is the strongest of the two metals. It is resistant to corrosion and will hold its appearance well over time. Brass may not be as strong or resistant to corrosion, but it is still a sturdy material. Brass is often preferred for classic home styles, because of the aesthetic it provides.

Available Hinge Styles & Finishes

Access Residential offers hinges in two different styles:

  • American Classic
  • Contemporary

In addition to style, there are several different finishes available to choose from:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Flat black
  • French antique
  • Matte antique nickel
  • Matte brass & black
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Pewter
  • Polished brass
  • Polished chrome
  • Polished nickel
  • Satin black
  • Satin brass
  • Satin nickel
  • Unlacquered brass
  • Venetian bronze

How To Replace Door Hinges

When replacing door hinges, it’s much easier to replace one hinge at a time as opposed to taking all of the hinges off of the door at once. Replacing one hinge at a time keeps the door suspended so that you don’t have to hold it up and keep the hinges aligned while you screw in the hinges.

We’d recommend starting with the top hinge and working your way down. Remove the top hinge on both the door and the door jamb. Install your new hinge and tightly screw it in place on both the door and the door jamb. You can then repeat these steps for the middle and bottom hinges to completely replace the hinges on your door.

Why Choose Access Residential Hardware For Interior Door Hinges?

Access Residential Hardware has been supplying homeowners, builders, and architects with quality door hinges for over 30 years. We offer the best brands in residential hardware at some of the most affordable prices on the web. We also offer free shipping on all orders. You can shop with peace of mind knowing that all of the hardware on our site is designed to last a lifetime.

When you work with Access Residential Hardware, you’re not just getting a great product, you’re also getting unrivaled customer support that only a family-owned business could provide. We’ve developed a strong reputation for working side-by-side with our customers to select the best possible hardware for each project. Our hardware specialists are here to serve you.

Talk To A Hardware Specialist

Have questions about our door hinges? Our hardware specialists would be more than happy to provide answers. Our hardware specialists can talk you through your hinge options and help you find the right hinges for your doors. You can speak with one of our hardware specialists by filling out a contact form.