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Pocket Door Locks & Latches

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High-Quality Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors enhance the design of a room by saving space and providing a neat, sleek, minimal look. Because of their subtlety, pocket doors may not make a loud statement, but they do add a unique and interesting design element to your space. Whatever kind of design you’re going for in your home, your pocket doors deserve just as much attention to hardware details as any other door to create a cohesive look with the rest of your home’s style. 

What Is A Pocket Door?

A pocket door is a type of sliding door that hangs from a track mounted above the door. Pocket doors are similar to barn doors, but instead of hanging on the outside of the wall when open, the door slides into a compartment, or pocket, inside the wall so that it seems to disappear. 

Much like barn doors, pocket doors save space because they don’t have to swing open like a traditional hinged door. However, pocket doors allow you to utilize wall space that would be unavailable when a barn door is in use. Because a barn door slides along the outside of a wall, artwork on the wall or furniture placed flush against the wall gets in the way of the door. This is not an issue with pocket doors, which means that you can fully utilize your space to its full capacity. 

Pocket Door Pulls, Latches, And Locks

Because pocket doors have the ability to completely slide inside of the wall, they require hardware that sits flush against the door so that it won’t impede the opening or damage the wall. Many pocket door pulls also include an edge pull, which provides a finger grip to pull the door back out from the pocket inside the wall. 

Pocket door pulls are available as keyed locks or privacy, passage, or dummy pulls, depending on your needs and the type of room your pocket door leads to. 

Keyed Pocket Door Locks

For interior pocket doors that need the most security, some of our pocket door latches are available with keyed locks. When the door is pulled all the way up to the strike plate and the key is turned, a latch with a small hook comes out to secure the door and prevent it from opening. The locking mechanism sits flush against the door so that it’s out of the way when the door is fully open. 

Privacy Pocket Door Latches

Pocket door latches are also available as with privacy locks. Privacy door knobs are typically used on doors to bedrooms and bathrooms, where privacy is needed. Privacy latches for pocket doors have a similar mechanism to keyed pocket door locks, but instead of a key, the door is locked with a thumb turn. 

Passage Pocket Door Latches

Passage doors are doors to common areas that don’t require locks because privacy is not needed. Passage pocket door latches have a pull and latch but no locking mechanism.

Dummy Pocket Door Latches

Dummy door latches are used on pocket doors when there is a double door in place. One side of the door will have a functioning latch. The other side will have a dummy latch, which in the case of a pocket door means that there is a door pull and the strike plate that would typically be located on the door jamb when there is only a single door in place. 

Sliding And Pocket Door Tracks And Systems

Pocket doors utilize hanging systems similar to barn doors, consisting of tracks, wheels, hangers, and fasteners. However, these systems are not interchangeable because they need to be mounted to the wall differently.

Unless you have a pocket door already in place in your home, pocket doors are more complicated to install than barn doors and other types of doors. Because they slide into the wall when fully open, the framing of the surrounding walls is highly specialized for these doors. In many cases, a professional will be needed to ensure that the wall framing is done correctly for structural purposes and for the proper functionality of the door itself. 

Pocket Door Hardware Styles And Finishes

We offer pocket door hardware in an assortment of styles and finishes so that you can create a cohesive, coordinated look with other hardware throughout a room or your entire home. 

Pocket Door Hardware Styles

  • American Classic

  • Contemporary

Pocket Door Hardware Finishes

  • Flat Black

  • Flat Black Bronze

  • French Antique

  • Medium Bronze

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Pewter

  • Polished Brass

  • Polished Chrome

  • Polished Nickel

  • Satin Brass

  • Satin Nickel

  • Tumbled White Bronze

  • Unlacquered Brass

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