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Appliance Pulls

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Beautifully Crafted Appliance Pulls From Access Residential Hardware

The kitchen is the heart of many homes - they work hard and welcome family and friends alike to share meals, company, and conversation. Don’t trade style for functionality in the kitchen, but choose accents that make your kitchen a welcoming oasis. Exquisitely crafted and designed appliance pulls give your home a high-end, polished look that you’ll love showing off.

At Access Residential Hardware, we offer appliance pulls to suit any style and bring the kitchen of your dreams to life. Our appliance pulls come from trusted, high-quality brands and are made to last a lifetime.

What Is An Appliance Pull?

An appliance pull is similar to a cabinet pull used to open cupboards and drawers. Appliance pulls differ in that they are generally thicker and project further from the surface, making them a little more heavy-duty for opening heavier appliance doors. They also have more mounting options, such as Thru-Bolt, Concealed Surface Mount, or Back-to-Back mounting (includes 2 pulls).

Thru-Bolt mounts are supplied with several lengths of screws to fit a variety of door sizes up to 1-3/4" thick. Concealed Surface mounts won't go all the way through the door but requires a minimum thickness of 1-1/4". Back-to-Back mounts consist of two pulls that attach on each side of a door to a single screw through the door and fit dooes 1-3/4" thick.

Appliance pulls are often used in kitchens that have wood panel covered appliances or just to update/coordinate the look of appliances. They can also be used on regular or in bathrooms on shower doors. 

Appliance Pull Styles And Colors

We offer appliance pulls in an assortment of styles and finishes to match any style and coordinate with any design aesthetic.

Appliance Pull Styles

  • American classic

  • American designer

  • Contemporary

  • Tuscany

Appliance Pull Finishes

  • Flat black

  • French antique

  • Oil rubbed bronze

  • Pewter

  • Polished brass

  • Polished chrome

  • Polished nickel

  • Satin brass

  • Satin nickel

  • Unlacquered brass

Tie Your Look Together With Matching Appliance And Cabinet Pulls

Wood panel covered appliances give kitchens a cohesive look by enabling appliances to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your wood cabinets. Wood paneling paired with matching cabinet hardware and appliance pulls gives a kitchen an elegant, sophisticated, and timeless look. Many of our appliance pulls coordinate with cabinet pulls to make it easy for you to achieve a coordinated look. 

To make a statement with your appliance pulls, selecting a stand-out style in the same finish as your other cabinet hardware can make your appliance pulls pop. Like any hardware that’s as decorative as it is functional, appliance pulls range from sleek and simple to intricately designed, allowing you to customize a look that’s all your own. 

Appliance Pull Sizing

Sizing for appliance pulls is fairly straightforward - just measure the length (or width, depending on which direction the appliance pull will go) of the appliance or door that the pull will be placed on. As a general guideline, appliance pulls should be approximately one-third of the length (or width) of the appliance, but you can of course choose to go longer or shorter. 12” and 18” are common lengths for appliance pulls. 

Appliance pulls may also have a variety of options available for the type of mount. A standard mount will have a visible screw on the inside of the door. Concealed surface mounts are applied from the front so that there are no visible screws inside or outside. Back-to-back mounts allow for appliance pulls to be installed on the inside and outside of the door. These are commonly used on shower doors. 

Appliance Pull FAQs

How Long Should An Appliance Pull Be?

The length of the appliance pull is ultimately up to you - but for a great looking fit, a length of approximately ⅓ the length of the appliance door is recommended. 

Can I Use Regular Cabinet Pulls For Appliances?

Appliance pulls are used instead of regular cabinet pulls because they’re larger and sturdier, making them more durable and effective at opening heavier appliance doors (and they tend to look more fitting on larger doors, too). Cabinet pulls generally can’t be used for appliances because they are secured through the door with a thru-bolt, and often have shorter screws. Many appliances require concealed surface mounts instead of thru bolts. For appliances with heavier doors, we recommend using appliance pulls to get the job done. 

Why Choose Access Residential Hardware For Appliance Pulls?

At Access Residential Hardware, we have over 30 years of experience helping homeowners, builders, and contractors achieve their visions with quality, high-end hardware. We work with top-quality brands to ensure we provide you with hardware that is both durable and stylish. Our team is ready to assist you with any needs through exceptional customer service. Plus we’ll help you stay within your budget with competitive prices and free shipping on all orders. 

Contact A Hardware Expert

Our hardware experts are prepared to help with any questions you may have about our appliance pulls or any of our other products - from sizing, to style, to choosing the most appropriate product for your home and needs. Simply fill out our online contact form or email We look forward to serving you!