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Black Door Handles

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Make A Style Statement With Black Door Handles

There’s a reason why black is such a popular hardware color. It looks good with almost everything, it can coordinate with other hardware finishes, and it can adapt to virtually any room aesthetic. Whether you’re into sleek and simple design or elaborate vintage touches, we have a black door handle that will perfectly match your look.

Changing outdoor hardware is a quick and simple way to change up the entire look of a room. At Access Residential Hardware, we offer high-quality brands in styles and finishes you’ll love so that you can easily update your space with looks that are on trend.

Passage, Privacy, Or Dummy Door Levers?

Interior door handles, also called door levers, have an easy to use push down design, which makes them easier to open than door knobs that require grasping and turning. Door handles come in three different styles: passage, privacy, and dummy.

  • Passage door handles: Passage doors are doors that latch, but don’t lock, meaning that you’ll twist the handle in order to open the door, but there’s no locking mechanism on the handle. Passage door handles are used for rooms where there’s no need for privacy, such as hallways, family rooms, or closets.
  • Privacy door handles: Privacy doors are used for rooms where privacy is needed, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and sometimes home offices. Privacy door levers have a locking mechanism on the inside to keep the door latched when desired.
  • Dummy door handles: Dummy door levers are used for pulling doors open and closed, but they aren’t turned because the door doesn’t actually latch. Dummy door handles are mainly used for pantries, closets, and wardrobes.

Black Door Handle Finishes And Styles

We offer a number of black door handle finishes, as well as several styles.

Black Door Handle Finishes

  • Flat Black
  • Flat Black Steel
  • Satin Black

Black Door Handle Styles

  • American Classic
  • Arts And Crafts
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional

Selecting The Correct Door Lever Handing

When selecting a door handle, knowing the handing of your door is important so that the door handle will point in the right direction when installed. To determine the door handing, stand on the secure side of the door if the door has a lock (the side with a key insert). If the door is an interior door without a lock, then you'd stand in the hallway or the room you'd use to enter the room the door belongs to. Once you're facing the door from the correct direction, determine which side of the door the hinges are on. If the hinges are on the left, you have a left handed door and your door handle will point to the left. Conversely, if the hinges are on the right side, then the door is right handed and the door handle will point to the right.

How To Ensure Correct Door Handle Sizing

Before placing an order for a door handle, you’ll need to measure your door to ensure the correct fit for the backset. The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole where the handle will be installed. Backset length is typically either 2 ⅜” or 2 ¾”.

Why Choose Access Residential Hardware For Door Handles?

At Access Residential Hardware, we want to serve you by providing you with trusted brands at great prices. We offer only high-quality brands that craft beautiful, durable hardware so that you can be sure your look will last. We make our pricing competitive so that you can stay within your budget, and we offer free shipping on all orders. Plus, as a small business, we can offer exceptional customer service - we’re happy to help with your order in any way we can!

Get In Touch With A Door Hardware Specialist

Questions about our hardware, pricing, or choosing the right door handles for your home? We’re here to help with all your hardware questions and needs. Contact us by filing out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.