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Modern Door Handles

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High-Quality Modern Door Handles For Modern Homes

Match the decor in your contemporary styled home with modern door handles! When styling a room, door hardware can often be overlooked or left as an afterthought, but the style you choose for your door hardware can make a huge difference in creating the look and feel of a room. Modern door handles are generally sleek, simple, and elegant, utilizing basic shapes to make a visual impact. 

Modern Style Door Handles

Door levers lend themselves well to modern styles. Modern door levers, like other modern style hardware, tend to be simplistic rather than embellished. Door levers that are perfectly sleek and straight will pair well with the clean lines of other modern style elements in your space. Or opt for a door lever with an on trend texture, such as hammered, which will provide an interesting level of detail.

Passage, Privacy, And Dummy Door Handles

Door handles are available as passage, privacy, or dummy handles. This means that no matter what type of space you’re decorating, there’s a modern style door handle to suit your needs.

Utilize a passage door handle for rooms like offices, kitchens, or living rooms that are used as open passages and don’t require locking. Privacy door handles are for bedrooms or bathrooms, or other areas where you want the ability to lock the door for privacy. Dummy door handles are perfect for adding some extra style to doors that don’t latch and are opened simply by pushing or pulling.

Modern Door Handle Finishes

There are some finishes that are super trendy and really complement modern door handle looks - like matte black or shiny brass. Our modern door handles come in a wide variety of finishes so that you’ll be able to find modern door hardware that perfectly fits your style and matches the rest of your decor. Available finishes for modern door levers include:

  • Brushed stainless steel

  • Flat black

  • Oil rubbed bronze

  • Polished chrome

  • Polished nickel

  • Satin black

  • Satin brass

  • Satin chrome

  • Satin nickel

  • Unlacquered brass

  • Venetian bronze

Sizing For Door Handles

In order to ensure the correct fit for your door handle, you’ll need to check a few measurements on your door before you order your handle. Necessary measurements include:

  • Bore Hole: this is the diameter across the widest part of the circular bore hole where the door handle will go.

  • Backset: this is the distance from the edge of your door to the center of the bore hole. Standard backset measurements are 2 ⅜” or 2 ¾”. 

  • Door thickness: the distance between the front and back sides of the door.

For a door lever, you will also need to take into account the handing of the door - that is, whether the door opens from the right side or the left side. The handing is determined from the outside of the door, or the side facing the hallway. A door that swings open to the left is considered to be a left-handed door, and a door that swings open to the right is considered to be a right-handed door. You want to get this right, otherwise, your lever will be installed upside down. If there’s no dropdown specifying handing, the lever will work for either side. 

Caring For Your Modern Door Handles

The way you keep your door handles clean, shiny, and looking their best will depend on the material used to make the handle. In general, you’ll want to avoid using harsh chemicals or anything abrasive, as these can damage the finish on the handle. For most door handles, clean with a mild cleaner or soap and water. Brass can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar, salt, and flour. 

Modern Door Hardware To Match Your Modern Style Door Handles

Your modern style doesn’t have to end at your interior door handles. We also offer cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, bathroom hardware, and exterior door hardware in modern styles. Coordinate the finish on all your hardware throughout your home or in one particular room for a cohesive, put together look. 

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